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Administration Group

Amanda Friday

Amanda is the Co-Founder and Artistic Director of The Online Stage. She has a BA in Theatre and has been a stage actor in plays and musicals for over 20 years. She is a professional audio book narrator and voiceover artist with over thirty titles on among others. Amanda has also been a member of Librivox since 2011, collaborating on over 430 projects. She is passionate about the arts and bringing high quality audio productions into homes the world over.

Denis Daly

Denis is the CEO of Voices of Today. He is a professional audio book narrator and producer and currently has over 100 audio titles published on He has recorded over 1500 sections for Librivox and is co-founder of Rhapsodize, an initiative to promote the performance and recording of classic poetry. He has narrated and produced spoken audio in many genres, including fiction, poetry, drama, history and self-help literature. His mission is to promote the production and dissemination of quality spoken audio products and to create opportunities for others to become involved in this rapidly evolving industry.

Jennifer Fournier

Jennifer is the Operations Manager of The Online Stage. Born and bred in New England, she became a world traveler at age 16 as an exchange student to Ecuador and hasn't stopped since. In addition to Ecuador, she has lived in Canada, England, Germany, and Japan and is now resident in Virginia.
Jennifer began her voice acting career with Librivox in 2015. She moved quickly to commercial productions, first with productions with The Online Stage and then to solo audiobooks. Whether performing a dramatic role, narrating a textbook or the adventures of teenage space explorers, Jennifer brings her love of the art to every project she does.

Elizabeth Klett

Elizabeth is a Production Manager at The Online Stage. She is an English literature professor by day, and an audiobook narrator by night. She has narrated over 170 audiobooks for ACX, Bee Audio, Essential Audio, Findaway Voices, and Spoken Realms. She trained as an actor and director at Drew University and studied British drama at the Shakespeare Institute in the U.K. and at the University of Illinois. She produced hundreds of recordings as a volunteer for and currently volunteers for Learning Ally. She loves voicing dramatic and literary characters and producing projects for The Online Stage.

Susan Iannucci

Susan is a Production Manager at The Online Stage. She is a full time professional voice actor and joined The Online Stage in 2015. With ongoing training by top coaches and studies in Improv with BATS in San Francisco, she continues to hone her craft. Add to that a dedicated work style, her audiobook narrations can be heard on Audible, Amazon and iTunes. Trained as a fine artist, she now paints stories with words, inflection and tonality.

Moderators' Group

We have a group of moderators, composed of experienced narrators and project managers, which provides vital support in the operations of The Online Stage

Alan Weyman

John Burlinson

Libby Stephenson


Our members

Our membership has been drawn from a wide variety of experienced performers and includes actors, narrators and musicians .

​Alan Weyman
Alexa Sheppard
Amanda Friday
Andrew Coleman
Andy Harrington
Anna Grace
Arielle Lipshaw
Becca Maggie
Ben Lindsey-Clark
Bob Gonzalez
Caprisha Page
Cate Barratt
Chris Marcellus
Christianne Lupher
Craig Franklin
Danielle Cohen
David Prickett
David Shears
David Stifel
Denis Daly
Elizabeth Chambers
Elizabeth Klett
Erin Grassie
Erin Louttit
Glenn Hascall
Grace Keller Scotch
Graham Scott
Huw Brentnall
Jeff Moon
Jennifer Fournier
John Burlinson
Joseph Tabler
K.G. Cross
Larry Wilson
Lee Ann Howlett
Leanne Yau
Libby Stephenson
Linda Barrans
Marie Hoffman
Mark Crowle-Groves
Marty Kryz
Maureen Boutilier
Max Körlinge
​Michele Eaton
Nancy German
Nancy Peterson
Noel Badrian
P.J. Morgan
Peter Tucker
Phil Benson
Rebecca Thomas
Richard Andrews
Rob Goll
Ron Altman
Russell Gold
Sara Morsey
Sarah Bacaller
Sarah Hulslander
Sarah Mitchell
Senn Annis
Shaina Summerville
Susan Iannucci
Sylvia Louwers
Ted Wenskus
Tiffany Halla Colonna​
Tom Fisher
Tom Saer
Tomas Peter
Trisha Rose


Membership inquiries

Membership of the Online Stage is initiated by invitation from an administrator or qualified producer at The Online Stage.

To be considered for membership a narrator must meet the following qualifications:

  • ability to provide recordings of a high standard of audio quality
  • ability to perform dramatic roles
  • demonstrated experience in audio production

Members of the public are welcome to approach us with general inquiries via the Contact Us page.