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Radio Plays by Glenn Hascall

The Online Stage is proud to announce a series of collaborations with award-winning narrator and playwright, Glenn Hascall.


 The Reading Chamber

Jack Carlisle is driving through an unnamed town when he spots lights on at the library. Needing a break, Jack stops only to begin a strange journey requiring him to make choices that lead to unexpected consequences.


Jack - Richard Andrews

The Librarian - K G Cross

Bub – Ben Stevens

Girl - Leanne Yau

Clara - Linda Barrans

Sarah - Amanda Friday

William - Russell Gold

Child - Miranda Hodges

Narrator - Susan Iannucci

Audio edited by K.G.Cross

Text copyright 2012 Glenn Hascall

Link to audio: The Reading Chamber

 The Bench

Most of us would like to change some events in our past.  However,  if we were granted such an  opportunity, would we be happy with the results?

Stan - Ben Stevens
The guy - Marty Kryz
Ashley - K.G.Cross
Receptionist - Amanda Friday
Boss - Denis Daly
Tad - Andy Harrington
Troy Tanner - Joseph Tabler
Jenny – P.J. Morgan
Old Man - Ron Altman
Paul - Chris Marcellus
Natalie  - Leanne Yau

Audio edited by K.G. Cross

Link to audio:  The Bench

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