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Henrik Ibsen

The Online Stage has launched an ambitious project to record all twenty-six plays by Henrik Ibsen.

This programme will include two obscure works, Norma and St John's Eve, which have been specially translated for the Online Stage by Kristin Gjerløw.


Rosmersholm is a play surrounding the deep and intense political and cultural change in Norway in the middle of the 1880s, a period during which the traditional ruling class were forced to relinquish their right to impose their ideals on the rest of society. We follow Johannes Rosmer, a pastor who has resigned from his position; Rebecca West, a woman who sees Rosmer's potential and believes she can help him to realize his dream of creating a world of "happy, noble people"; and Headmaster Kroll, Rosmer's former best friend, who takes it upon himself to deliver some home truths to the other two. Rosmer's view of life is seriously challenged by his interactions with Rebecca, which lead to a shattering conclusion.

This production is part of a project by The Online Stage to record all 26 plays by Ibsen.


John Rosmer - John Burlinson
Rebecca West - K. G. Cross
Headmaster Kroll - Alan Weyman
Ulrik Brendel - Peter Tucker
Peder Mortensgaard - Ron Altman
Madame Helseth - Michele Eaton

Stage directions read by Denis Daly

Afterword composed and read by K. G. Cross

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The League of Youth

Translation by William Archer

Often considered to be Ibsen’s most popular play in his lifetime, the League of Youth caused fighting in the streets, with conservatives claiming it was an attack on their party and liberals claiming it was an attack on theirs! A thought-provoking comedy that’s sure to feel shockingly familiar.

Unusally for Ibsen, this play has a lot of humour and a more-or-less happy ending.

Stensgaard, a lawyer - Ben Lindsey Clark
Chamberlain Brattsberg, an ironmaster - John Burlinson
Anders Lundestad, a farmer - Brett Downey
Daniel Heire - Phil Benson
Dr. Fjeldbo, the works' doctor - Peter Tucker
Mons Monsen, of Storli, a landowner - Marty Kryz
Aslaksen, a printer - Tovarisch
Thora, Brattberg's daughter - K.G.Cross
Mrs. Rundholmen, a tradesman's widow - Jennifer Fournier
Bastian Monsen, Monsen's son - Chris Marcellus
Erik Brattsberg, Brattsbergs son, a lawyer and business man - Ed Humpal
Selma, Erik's wife - Maureen Boutiler
Ragna, Monsen's daughter - Rebecca Thomas
Helle, tutor at Storli - Jeff Moon
Ringdal, works' manager - David Prickett
A maidservant in the Chamberlain's household - Leanne Yau
A waiter - Andrew Coleman
A servant girl - Charlotte Duckett
Stage directions read by Denis Daly

Afterword read by K.G.Cross

Audio edited by K.G.Cross

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The League of Youth

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