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Australian Drama

Recordings of the following plays by the celebrated Australian dramatist, Louis Esson, have been scheduled for 2016/2017:

Four One-Act Plays:

  • Dead Timber
  • The Drovers
  • TheWoman Tamer
  • The Sacred Place

The Time is Not Yet Ripe

Four One-act Plays

by Louis Esson

Dead Timber

The Woman Tamer

The Drovers

The Sacred Place

Louis Esson is considered to be the first great Australian dramatist. As with most of his work these four plays depict life from the view of the common man, and provide vivid presentations of life, both urban and rural, in Australia before the First World War.


Featuring the voices of
Denis Daly
Linda Barrans
David Prickett
Peter Tucker
Phil Benson
Elizabeth Chambers
Joseph Tabler
Maureen Boutilier

Link to audio: Four One-Act Plays

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