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Radio Plays by Mike Murphy

The Online Stage enjoys a collaboration with the well-known script writer Mike Murphy and has recorded a number of his plays. Presentations of many of his other scripts are currently in production.

The Gift

In this Yuletide fable, tough private eye Stone is hired by an unusual client to find a missing item - a box containing the most precious of Christmas gifts. Will he succeed - both in finding the box and losing his hardboiled cynicism?


Stone - Marty Kryz

Angell - Ron Altman

Paulie - Jeff Moon

Lulu - Maureen Boutilier

The Boss - Denis Daly

Mary Ann - Susan Iannucci

Audio edited by Amanda Friday

Link to audio: The Gift

Danny MacIntyre meets the Molecule

Danny's mother assures him that snowmen can't talk. In this whimsical adventure, Danny discovers that her assertion is not entirely correct.


Weatherman - Brett Downey

Danny - Amanda Friday

Mom - Susan Iannucci

Snowman - Alan Weyman.

Additional voices supplied by Leanne Yau, Beth Thomas, and K.G. Cross

Audio edited by Amanda Friday

Link to audio: Danny MacIntyre meets the Molecule

Family Tree

Magdalena desperately wants to have a child and will go to extraordinary lengths to satisfy her desire for fertility. The patriarchal Arkon offers his assistance at a cost, but his deceptive behavior has dramatic consequences for all involved.

The Arkon - Ed Humpal
Magdalena - Charlotte Duckett
Klim - John Burlinson
Additional voices supplied by Eileen Tipping and Denis Daly

Music and sound design by Ed Humpal and Eileen Tipping.

Link to audio: Family Tree

Moop's Christmas Carol

Interplanetary visitor Moop has been sent on a mission: to investigate Christmas. When he meets Santa, Moop discovers that there is rather more to Earth's greatest festival than he had expected.

Jeff Moon as Moop;
Ron Altman as Santa
Narration by Jennifer Fournier
Additional voices supplied by Amanda Friday and Denis Daly

Audio edited by Amanda Friday

Link to audio: Moop's Christmas Carol


Grieving for a loved one can be a dangerous business, especially when the Devil offers to help soothe the pain. In this quirky radio drama, the Prince of Darkness gives his hapless victim rather more than he wants.

Mr. Cunningham - Ed Humphal
Mr. Scratch - John Burlinson
Mom / Nurse 2 - Eileen Tipping
Nurse 1 - Charlotte Duckett
Morpheus - ​Denis Daly

Music and sound design by Ed Humpal and Eileen Tipping.

Link to audio: Hangman

Happy Birthday, Dear Emily

Thirteen-year-old Emily has saved up every single birthday wish from 6 to 12 years old, banking on a promise from the birthday fairy that one day she could use up all those wishes in one fell swoop. What Emily wishes for, however, is not a pony or new clothes or the chance to be a princess. She has a much bigger plan in mind.


Emily - Amanda Friday

Mom - Nancy German

Dad - Jeff Moon

Audio editing by Amanda Friday

Link to audio: Happy Birthday, Dear Emily

Last Christmas

A new twist on the theme of A Christmas Carol. Harrison, an embittered scientist who has access to time travel, wants to remove Christmas from the pages of history. Fortunately for humanity, his senior colleague, Horowitz has other ideas…..

Harrison - Peter Tucker
The Innkeeper - Victor Bazarov
Joseph - Chris Marcellus
Mary - Libby Stephenson
Horowitz -Alan Weyman

Audio edited by Amanda Friday

Link to audio: Last Christmas

Burying Uncle Gustav

Desperate to get his Uncle Gustav buried as soon as possible, Mr. Weems visits Mr. Hobson's funeral home. The trouble is, however, that Uncle Gustav is already dead - well, undead!


Hobson - Richard Andrews

Weems - Ben Stevens

Gustav - Russell Gold

Audio editing by Amanda Friday

Link to audio: Burying Uncle Gustav

O Christmas Tree

A Christmas story to warm the heart, Sgt. Evans recounts his most infamous case about a stolen Christmas tree.


Evans - Ben Lindsey-Clark

Joshua - Noel Badrian

Virginia - Susan Iannucci

Carpenter - Joseph Tabler

McBride - John Burlinson

Kelly - Sarah Hulslander

Jay - Marty Kryz

Chris - Libby Stephenson

The Tree - Elizabeth Klett

Musical arrangements by Marty Kryz

Audio edited by Amanda Friday

Link to audio: O Christmas Tree

Moop Saves Christmas

Santa is in trouble – he catches a cold at the most inconvenient time of the year. As he rests in bed he ponders anxiously: who will deliver the presents this year?

Narrator - Jennifer Fournier
Santa - Ron Altman
Edna - Michele Eaton
Doctor - Joseph Tabler
Moop - Jeff Moon
Blitzen - Peter Tucker
Mama Moop - Maureen Boutilier

Link to audio: Moop Saves Christmas


One woman learns the consequences of having a PlaceNook account when all her "friends" show up on her doorstep unannounced.


Nicole - KG Cross

Tommy - Andy Harrington

Henrietta - Leanne Yau

Sgt Connors - Ben Stevens

Woman - Jennifer Fournier

Woman 2 - Lee Ann Howlett

Lavinia - Susan Iannucci

Audio edited by Amanda Friday

Link to Audio: Like

I'm Dreaming of a Tropical Christmas

Climate change has at last caught up with the North Pole: an extended unseasonable burst of hot weather has brought toy production to a halt. Unscrupulous entrepreneur Milt Landon has taken advantage of the new climatic conditions and is trying to turn the North Pole into a tourist trap. Will Santa be able to return his home to its native state and deliver the toys in time for Christmas?


Announcer - David Prickett

Mad Milt Landon - Jeff Moon

Santa - John Burlinson

Mrs. Claus - Michele Eaton

David - Libby Stephenson

David’s Mom - Jennifer Fournier

Anita - K.G.Cross

Frump - Chris Marcellus

Hoot Nanny - Maureen Boutilier

Boy - Leanne Yau 

Boy's Mother - Rebecca Thomas 

Rudolph - Denis Daly 

Man - Joseph Tabler 

Narrator - Ron Altman 


Audio edited by K.G. Cross


Link to audio: I'm Dreaming of a Tropical Christmas

 How Melvin Saved Christmas

Santa’s Christmas schedule has run into a major problem -  all his reindeer, even the heroic Rudolph,  are too ill to fly.  However, a promising solution to Santa’s dilemma is offered from an unlikely source – the eccentric elf Melvin.



Santa - John Burlinson 

Doctor - Joe Tabler 

Narrator - Elizabeth Chambers 

Rudolph - David Prickett 

Edna Claus - Michele Eaton 

Pilot - Brett Downey

Attendant - Leanne Yau

Purser - Tovarisch 

Cabbie - Rebecca Thomas 

Agent - Becca Maggie 

Agent #2 - K.G.Cross 

Melvin - Ben Lindsey-Clark 

Murray - Jeff Moon 


Audio edited by K. G. Cross

Link to audio:  How Melvin Saved Christmas

 The Wool Hat

In preparation for a move from his former family home into a retirement village, widower Mitch is clearing out the attic.  He comes across a woolen hat knitted for him by his late wife, Linda, when she was pregnant with their son, Alan.  He tries it on and finds that the hat has properties other than just keeping head warm.



Alan - Brett Downey

Mitch - Richard Andrews

Linda - K.G Cross

Lynn - Maureen Boutilier


Audio edited by K.G Cross


Link to audio: The Wool Hat

 The Forever Pill

When Drake is told that his beloved wife does not have long to live, he clutches at straws for anything that will prolong her life.  A mysterious stranger offers him a cure for his wife’s illness which appears to be remarkably effective – but, like many miracles, it comes at a cost…….



Drake - Brett Downey

Martinson - Peter Tucker

Oliver – Ben Stevens

Coopersmith - Ron Altman

Narrator - K.G Cross

Marie - PJ Morgan

Clerk - Leanne Yau

Nurse - Amanda Friday


Audio edited by K.G Cross

Link to audio: The Forever Pill

Olivia's Swing

A man loses his only child in a car accident.    But has she really gone? Why does he keep hearing her voice?

Olivia - Leanne Yau
Dunn - Andy Harrington
Komack - K.G.Cross
Steve - Jeff Moon
Pete Shibley - Russell Gold
Lehman - Nancy German
Mr. Komack - Mart Krz
Sabrina - Elizabeth Klett

Link to audio:

Olivia's Swing

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