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A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens' classic Yuletide tale is one of the most popular tales of personal redemption in world literature, and has been adapted many times for presentation on film and on stage.

All proceeds from the sale of this audiobook will be donated to Concerns of Police Survivors, a non-profit organization which provides support for the families of police officers who lose their lives in the line of duty.

Link to audio: A Christmas Carol

Featuring Ron Altman as Scrooge and Bob Neufeld as the narrator.

The cast also includes ​ Ed Humpal, Alan Weyman, Elizabeth Klett, Chyanne Donnell, K. G. Cross, Evie Maria, Denis Daly, John Burlinson, Beth Thomas, Charlotte Duckett, Jeff Moon, Amanda Friday, Marty Krzywonos, Becca Maggie, Jennifer Fournier and Brett Downey.

Audio edited by Denis Daly

Link to audio: A Christmas Carol

Papa - An Amorality in three acts by Zoë Akins

Initially published in 1914, Papa was the first major dramatic work by playwright and poet Zoë Akins (1886 - 1958).

​A subtle but quietly savage comedy of manners, the play was not a commercial success, but has since come to be regarded as a masterpiece. As a skilfully drawn portrait of genteel corruption, it ranks with the works of masters of dramatic satire like Moliere and Oscar Wilde.

Link to audio: Papa

Chloe - Caprisha Page
Doris - Amanda Friday
Papa - Ron Altman
Mr Roderick - Brett Downey
Dick - Levi Throckmorton
Little Dolores - Libby Stephenson
The Governess - Carol Box
Zimzapanzi - Bob Neufeld
Mrs. Blythe - Carol Box
The Maid - Libby Stephenson
Stage directions - Denis Daly

Audio edited by Denis Daly

Link to audio: Papa

The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus by Christopher Marlowe

Christopher Marlowe’s play about a man who sells his soul to the Devil is not only one of the first of many works to explore this theme but also one of the most startling. Eschewing the usual division of the drama into acts it presents the story of Faustus’s fall in a series of apparently disconnected scenes. However, the integrity of the drama is maintained by the remorseless unravelling of Faustus’ fortunes as he approaches his inevitable damnation.
For this recording a special version of the text, which is a selective conflation of the folios of 1604 and 1616, has been used.

Link to audio: The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus


Chorus  - Elizabeth Klett
Faustus - Peter Tucker
Mephistophilis - Ron Altman
Wagner and Lust - Libby Stephenson
Good Angel and the Duchess of Vanholt - Carol Box
Evil Angel - Lucy Perry  
Valdes, Pride, the Cardinal of Lorrain and the Third Scholar - Bob Neufeld
Cornelius, Beelzebub, First Friar and Old Man - Alan Weyman 
First Scholar, Covertousness and Ralph - Cate Barratt
Second Scholar, Envy and Emperor Charles V - Marty Kryz
Clown, Sloth and Robin - Michele Eaton  
Lucifer, Second Friar and the Duke of Vanholt - Joseph Tabler  
Wrath, the Pope and Vintner - Phil Benson
Gluttony, Third Friar and a Knight - Beth Thomas 
Stage directions - Denis Daly

Audio edited by Denis Daly
Music by Johann Sebastian Bach, Giuseppe Torelli, Johannes Brahms, Bedrich Smetana and Gustav Mahler​.

Link to audio: Doctor Faustus

  Eolaus - A lyrical dramatic poem by James Allen

New Thought author and philosopher James Allen (1864 - 1912) is best known for his treatises on moral development and the power of thought, the most famous of which is As a Man Thinketh.

In 1907 Allen also published a collection of poems, entitled Poems of Peace. which contains his sole dramatic work, Eolaus, described as "a lyrical dramatic poem".  In trenchant and powerful verse the author depicts  the journey of a lonely and troubled seeker to the heights of personal realization.

Link to audio:  Eolaus


Eolaus - Denis Daly 
The Prophet - Bob Neufeld 
The First Voice of Nature and the First Voice of Truth - Carol Box 
The Second Voice of Nature and the Second Voice of Truth - Joseph Tabler 
The Third Voice of Nature and the Third Voice of Truth - Beth Thomas 
The Fourth Voice of Nature and the Fourth Voice of Truth - Brett Downey 
The Fifth Voice of Nature and the Fifth Voice of Truth - Lucy Perry 
The Sixth Voice of Nature and the voice of Cosmos - Libby Stephenson 
The voices of Earth and Heaven - Michele Eaton 
Stage directions - Alan Weyman

Audio edited by Denis Daly

Link to audio: Eolaus


by Franz Kafka

Translated by Ian Johnston.

Franz Kafka was one of the first and greatest masters of dystopian literature.  In his bleak world view, man is presented as helpless and ineffectual,  his destiny determined by distant, obscure and essentially unfriendly agencies.  In none of his works is this savage and unreasoning enslavement presented more vividly than in Metamorphosis, a novella in which Gregor Samsa, a respectable employee and dutiful son, wakes to find himself transformed into a gigantic insect.  With dispassionate clarity,  Kafka charts the ensuing events,  during which Gregor’s terrible situation evokes horror, sympathy, annoyance,  grim humour and finally disregard from those around him.

Gregor Samsa – Glenn Hascall
Mrs. Samsa - Linda Barrans
Mr. Samsa - Ron Altman
Grete Samsa - Amanda Friday
The Manager - Alan Weyman
The Cleaning Woman - K.G.Cross
The Middle Lodger - Richard Andrews
Narrator - Leanne Yau

Audio edited by Denis Daly

Original text in German first published in 1915 as Die Verwandlung.

English translation 2003 by Ian Johnston, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada,  who placed the text in the public domain.  The Online Stage would like to express its appreciation to the translator.

Link to audio: Metamorphosis


North of Boston 

North of Boston, first published in 1914, was Robert Frost's second collection of poetry. Many of the poems take the form of conversations and hence are very suitable for presentation in a dramatic format.


"The Pasture" 
"Mending Wall" 
"The Death of the Hired Man" 
"The Mountain" 
"A Hundred Collars" 
"Home Burial" 
"The Black Cottage" 
"A Servant to Servants" 
"After Apple-Picking" 
"The Code" 
"The Generations of Men" 
"The Housekeeper" 
"The Fear" 
                                                                                                                                               "The Self-Seeker "
                                                                                                                                               "The Wood-Pile" 
                                                                                                                                               "Good Hours"

Featuring the voices of Ben Stevens, Russell Gold, Andy Harrington, John Burlinson, and Jennifer Fournier. 

Audio edited by Denis Daly.

Link to audio: North of Boston

 Arcadian Adventures With the Idle Rich

In Arcadian Adventures with the Idle Rich Canadian humorist Stephen Leacock applies a satirical scalpel to the foibles and pretensions of the wealthy and the powerful.  He probes not only the quirks of traditional power structures like corporations (public and private),  political parties,  universities and churches,  but also finds time to poke fun at one of his favourite targets – the world of psychic phenomena.

1.  A Little Dinner with Mr Lucullus Fyshe

2.  The Wizard of Finance

3.  The Arrested Philanthropy of Mr. Tomlinson

4.  The Yahi-Bahi Oriental Society of Mrs. Rasselyer-Brown

5.  The Love Story of Mr. Peter Spillikins

6.  The Rival Churches of St. Asaph and St. Osoph

7.  The Ministrations of the Rev. Uttermust Dumfarthing

8.  The Great Fight for Clean Government


Narrated by Cate Barratt

Lucullus Fyshe  - Jeff Moon
Dr Boomer - Ron Altman
Fareforth Furlong - Richard Andrews
Mrs Rasselyer-Brown – Lee Ann Howlett

Additional voices supplied by Bob Neufeld, Ben Stevens, P.J. Morgan, Brett Downey, Denis Daly, Andy Harrington, David Prickett, John Burlinson, Alan Weyman, Joseph Tabler, Susan Iannucci, Becca Maggie, Jennifer Fournier, Ted Wenskus, Leanne Yau, Arielle Lipshaw and Marty Kris.

Audio edited by Denis Daly.

Link to audio: Arcadian Adventures

 The Green Dwarf

The Green Dwarf

By Charlotte Bronte

The little known first novella of Charlotte Bronte, The Green Dwarf is a story of adventure, subterfuge, romance, and danger. Lady Emily Charlesworth is awaiting the return of her lover, Leslie, who is a down-on-his luck artist. However, the dastardly, cold-hearted Colonel Percy is also vying for her heart and will stop at nothing to make Emily his own.


Narration by Noel Badrian

Charley - Noel Badrian
Leslie and Ronald - Andy Harrington
Lady Emily Charlesworth - Amanda Friday
Colonel Percy - Jeff Moon
Bud - Richard Andrews
Arthur - Chris Marcellus
Gifford  and Marquis - John Burlinson
Duke of Wellington - Russell Gold
Red Haired Contender and S'Death - Ben Stevens
Footman and Travers - David Prickett
Andrew - Brett Downey
General Leaf - Joseph Tabler
Emperor and Bobadil - Alan Weyman
Empress, Bertha and Alice - K.G.Cross
Spectre and Dick Crack-Skull - Ron Altman
Frederick De Lisle and Frenchman - Marty Kris
Matilda De Lisle/Duchess  - Elizabeth Klett
Guard, Quashie and Servant - Garrison Moore

Audio edited by Amanda Friday

Link to audio: The Green Dwarf


Mountain Interval

A collection of poems by Robert Frost


Featuring the voices of Robert Gonzalez, Sara Morsey,  Jennifer Fournier,  Russell Gold, Ben Stevens and Andy Harrington.

This collection was first published on 1916 and contains some of Frost’s most famous poems,  including The Road Not taken, Hyla Brook and Birches.


Frost’s dedication reads:

TO YOU - who least need reminding that before this interval of the South Branch under black mountains, there was another interval, the Upper at Plymouth, where we walked in spring beyond the covered bridge; but that the first interval of all was the old farm, our brook interval, so called by the man we had it from in sale.


1.  The Road Not Taken

2.  Christmas Trees

3.  An Old Man's Winter Night

4.  A Patch of Old Snow

5.  In the Home Stretch

6.  The Telephone

7.  Meeting and Passing

8.  Hyla Brook

9.  The Oven Bird

10.  Bond and Free

11.  Birches

12.  Pea Brush

13.  Putting in  the Seed

14.  A Time to Talk

15.  The Cow in Apple Time

16.  An Encounter

17.  Range-Finding

18.  The Hill Wife

19.  The Bonfire

20.  A Girl's Garden

21.  The Exposed Nest

22.  Out, Out

23.  Brown's Descent

24.  The Gum-Gatherer

25.  The Line-Gang

26.  The Vanishing Red

27.  Snow

28.  The Sound of the Trees

Audio edited by Denis Daly

Link to audio:  Mountain Interval

 Anna Christie

Anna Christie

A play in four acts


By Eugene O’Neill


Will the unlikely romance between the rough and tumble stoker, Mat Burke, and Anna Christopherson, the world-weary daughter of the captain of a coal barge, survive? Set in 1910, the timeless question of, “How does love make us grow?” is pondered.


This American classic, Anna Christie by Eugene O’Neill,  is a play in four acts and won the Pulitzer prize in 1922. Enjoy listening! 



·  Narrator - Susan J Iannucci

·  Johnny-the-Priest - David Stifel

·  1st Longshoreman - Ron Altman

·  2nd Longshoreman - Alan Weyman

·  Postman - Ted Wenskus

·  Larry the Bartender - Jeff Moon

·  Chris Christopherson - John Burlinson

·  Marthy Owen - Sara Morsey

·  Anna Christopherson - P. J. Morgan

·  Mat Burke/ The Voice - Craig Franklin

·  Johnson - Russell Gold

Audio edited by Susan Iannucci

Link to audio:

Anna Christie

 Abraham Lincoln

In survey after survey, Abraham Lincoln is universally ranked as the greatest of America’s presidents, setting standards for honesty, courage, compassion and ethical responsibility.  John Drinkwater’s play was the British poet’s first theatrical success, opening in England in 1918 to surprising acclaim and making its way to Broadway in 1919, to even stronger public enthusiasm.  It was produced on radio by Orson Wells on August 15, 1938, on his program, The Mercury Theater on the Air.   In 1924, a two-reel film version of the play was distributed nationwide, one of the very first sound films, and on May 26, 1952, the play was presented on television on the anthology series Studio One, with film icon James Dean in a very noticeable supporting role.
After a brief poetic prologue, the play depicts six scenes from Lincoln’s life that illustrate key aspects of his remarkable character:

•His acceptance of the Republican nomination for President;
•The outbreak of hostilities at Fort Sumter;
•Discussions with three very different individuals about the conduct of the war;
•The emancipation proclamation;
•The surrender at Appomattox;
•The assassination at Ford’s Theater.

Featuring Ben Stevens as Abraham Lincoln.

Additional voices provided by Andrew Coleman, Linda Barrans, Larry Wilson, Ron Altman, Libby Stevenson, Jennifer Fournier, Peter Tucker, Andy Harrington, Joseph Tabler, Marty Kris, Jeff Moon, Russell Gold, Ted Wenskus,Richard Andrews, Nancy German, Lee Ann Howlett and John Burlinson.

Audio edited by John Burlinson.

Link to audio: Abraham Lincoln


The Tenant of Wildfell Hall

A young widow arrives at Wildfell Hall with her son, Arthur. Clouded in mystery, Helen Graham soon becomes the object of much scandalous gossip. Refusing to believe any of it, Gilbert Markham eventually discovers her dark past. 


  • Gilbert Markham - Ben Lindsey-Clark 
  • Helen Graham - Amanda Friday 
  • Arthur Huntingdon - Craig Franklin 

Also featuring the voices of Rick Andrews, Sara Morsey, KG Cross, Andy Harrington, Libby Stephenson, Ron Altman, Elizabeth Chambers, Becca Maggie, Sarah Hulslander, John Burlinson, Linda Barrans, Noel Badrian, Elizabeth Klett, Leanne Yau, David Prickett, Ben Stevens, Jeff Moon, Michele Eaton, Joseph Tabler, Denis Daly, Peter Tucker, Chris Marcellus, Russell Gold, Arielle Lipshaw, Nancy German, Jennifer Fournier, Alan Weyman, and Andew Coleman. 

Audio edited by Denis Daly.

Link to audio:

The Tenant of Wildfell Hall


Sylvie and Bruno

Sylvie and Bruno was the last novel completed by Lewis Carroll and was published in two parts.  The first volume, which is the subject of this recording, appeared in 1889.

The story is presented by an unnamed narrator,  who oscillates between two worlds:  a fantasy fairyland,  populated by characters similar to those in Alice in Wonderland, and the real world environs of a small village by the sea,  in which the narrator has taken up temporary residence for health reasons.   The main characters are Sylvie and Bruno,  fairies who are sister and brother,  and Arthur Forrester and Lady Muriel Orme, who are romantically linked.

The book contains episodes which recall the hectic nonsense of Carroll's best know work,  but also  serious commentary on many  social and religous issues.   Because of its unusual structure and a strong tendency toward Victorian sentimentality,  the work has not been held in high regard.  However,  it is of particular interest in that it reveals much more about the author and his attitudes than do his more popular works.

Noel Badrian - Narrator 
Leanne Yau - Bruno
Becca Maggie - Sylvie
Graham Scott - Arthur Forrester
Elizabeth Klett - Lady Muriel Orme
Peter Tucker - Warden
Mark Crowle-Groves - Chancellor and Eric Lindon
Ron Altman - The Professor
Ben Stevens - The Other Professor
Denis Daly - Earl of Ainslie
Alan Weyman - Gardener
Craig Franklin - Sub-Warden
Linda Barrans - Sub-Warden's Wife

Also featuring the voices of Amanda Friday, Andrew Coleman, David Stifel, Grace Keller Scotch, Phil Benson and Sarah Mitchell.

Audio edited by Denis Daly

Link to audio:

Sylvie and Bruno


The Woman in White

Walter Hartright, a struggling art teacher, is stopped for directions while traveling on a dark road by a mysterious woman in white. Thus begins Walter's deep dive into the twists and turns of stolen identities, fraud, spies, conspiracy and death. Along the way he meets the lovely Laura Fairlie and her emboldened half-sister, Marian Halcombe. Marian is brazen and assertive in her search for the truth, a strong female during a time when women were simply viewed as the weaker sex. She joins Walter on his journey to untangle the web of lies and deceit that has been spun so expertly around his new found friends. The Woman in White is often touted as being the first Victorian crime novel.

Narrator: Maureen Boutilier
Walter Hartright: Jeff Moon
Marian Halcombe: Amanda Friday
Count Fosco: Rob Goll
Mr. Fairlie: David Stifel
Laura Fairlie: Anna Grace
Percival Glyde: Ben Lindsey-Clark
Pesca: Russell Gold
Anne Catherick: Arielle Lipshaw
Mr. Gilmore: Ron Altman
Mr. Merriman: Alan Weyman
Mrs. Michelson: Elizabeth Klett
Countess Fosco: Trisha Rose
Maid: Leanne Yau
Mr Dempster: Andy Harringon
Mrs. Clements : Sarah Mitchell
Mr. Dawson: Denis Daly
Hester Pinhorn: P J Morgan
Goodricke: Craig Franklin
Mr. Kyrle: Ben Stevens
Mrs. Catherick: Sara Morsey 

Audio edited by Amanda Friday

Link to audio:

The Woman in White

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