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August Strindberg

Miss Julie

Miss Julie is probably the most famous play by the Swedish playwright August Strindberg, one of the founding fathers of naturalistic theater. In this claustrophobic drama, the interplay between social order and individual identity is explored in great detail. At the end the aristocratic Julie, goaded by her manipulative manservant, John, is faced with the ultimate decision: independence or annihilation.

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Julie - Amanda Friday
John - Ed Humpal
Christine - Eileen Tipping
Stage directions - Denis Daly

Music and sound effects provided and prepared by Ed Humpal and Eileen Tipping

 The Creditor

The Swedish playwright, August Strindberg was one of the founding fathers of naturalistic theatre.  A feature of many of his plays is the minute dissection of attitude and motivation by individuals within tightly bound groups.  As in the present drama, such relentless inspection of behavior often has drastic consequences.  Thekla, married to the needy Adolf, has a surprise encounter with her former husband, the lordly Gustav.  Or is it really a surprise?

Adolf - Alan Weyman
Gustav – John Burlinson
Thekla – Jennifer Fournier
Stage directions read by Denis Daly

 Four Short Plays

Although he achieved notable success as a novelist, poet, essayist and painter,  August Strindberg is best known today as one of the first and most significant masters of naturalist theatre.  Among his many dramatic works are a number of one-act plays, four of which are presented in this recording. All of the plays feature an persistent theme in Strindberg’s works: the inevitable disillusion that results from intense involvement in relationships, whether they be familial, romantic or circumstantial.

The translations used on this recording were first published in a collection by Boni and Liverlight in 1918.  The translator is uncredited.

1.  The Stronger Woman
2.  Motherly Love
3.  Pariah
4.  Simoon


Featuring the voices of:
Leanne Yau
Charlotte Duckett
Michele Eaton
Maureen Boutilier
David Prickett
John Burlinson

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